Atlanta pilots skywriting message of hope

A group of local pilots is leaving a message in the skies over metro Atlanta hospitals. They hope their skywriting is a source of hope and encouragement to those on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19.  

Peachtree City food bank sees needs rise because of coronavirus

It was a loadout day at the Midwest Food Bank warehouse in Peachtree City. Churches, other non-profits and food pantries that distribute food to the elderly or families with financial needs loaded up and took the goods back to the neighborhoods they serve.  

Scam artists rip off workers at grocery store Starbucks

Police in Peachtree City need the public’s help in identifying two women who ripped off workers at a Starbucks for more than $5,000. The women claimed to be cheerleading coaches who were buying gift cards as a fundraiser.  

Caught on camera: Shopping cart ends police foot chase

A Walmart shopper steps up to help police catch a shoplifter on the run. It’s captured on surveillance video and it appears the shopper times his moment just right and rolls his shopping cart into the path of the shoplifter.