Finances for women need special consideration

All of us can tweak, tighten or renew our financial awareness. But a financial planner regularly featured on FOX 5 finds that women, in particular, could use a more pointed message because of these reasons. 

Understanding the 4 'languages' of finances

Ever feel like when you're talking to your significant other about money, he or she talks a different language? Well, according to money educator Tarra Jackson, you're right. Money problems are a leading factor in divorce, so it's worth fixing this lack of communication.

Manage the prices at the pump through 2 apps

When tensions between the US and Middle Eastern nations tighten, we naturally entertain the question, 'Will gas prices rise?' Well, a lot goes into the price at the pump, not just a single issue, so let's just be prepared if the numbers go up as we think about holiday travel down the road.