NC to assist Grady Hospital in wake of pipe break

Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) announced North Carolina is sending a mobile hospital to Atlanta for Grady Hospital to use temporarily while the hospital tries to put its facility back together following a major water leak. 

Georgia 8-year-old conquering her fear of food

At 8, Brielle Felix seemed to be the ultimate picky eater, limiting herself to tortilla chips and drinkable yogurt. But, her parents soon learned there was more to her eating than being choosy. Felix had developed a phobia about food.

With treatments failing, Michigan toddler with leukemia has bucket list to fulfill

Gabe's treatments for lymphoblastic leukemia haven't worked and he's relapsed three times. On Thanksgiving, his parents made the decision it was time to shift course and start focusing on Gabe's quality of life for the time he has left. So while Gabe may have taken his first steps in the hospital, his parents intend for him to "find the joy" outside of it.