New prostate cancer blood test

For men over forty, getting a prostate cancer, or PSA blood test is a routine part of getting a checkup. If A man's level is too high, figuring out what to do next can be challenging. A new test could simplify the process.

New test could avoid unnecessary biopsies

A new urine test for prostate cancer could help some men with high prostate-specific antigen numbers avoid unnecessary scans and biopsies. The FOX Medical Team's Beth Galvin talked with the doctor who created the screening tool about how it works.

Bump on twin's face leads to mom's search for answers

When Heather Strunk noticed a bump on her 4-month-old son's face, she didn't think much of it, at least at first. But when the bump didn't go away, the Lula mother of five started searching for answers and getting a diagnosis was a journey in itself.

150 pounds down and counting

Sara Tornicasa says weight loss surgery helped her get healthy. The Cartersville teacher talked to the FOX 5 Medical Team about her journey.