Like It or Not: Tax Dollars

WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR TAX DOLLARS? (OPINION): The city of Stonecrest recently published the results of an audit that indicated alleged suspicious use of federal tax dollars by employees at City Hall. The report showed the city of Stonecrest spent thousands on seminars, goody bags, and massages- but George Chidi thinks money meant for COVID relief may have ended up in the pockets of corrupt officials. Do you agree?

Like It or Not: Hit and Run

OPINION: On the night of September 11, 2019, State Representative Trey Kelley received a phone call from a friend who had hit a cyclist with his car and kept going. 90 minutes later, that bike rider died. William Perry thinks that Kelley should resign from office and face felony charges- but do you think justice has been served?

Like It or Not: Militias

OPINION: At least nine Georgians have been arrested for storming the capitol, and a recent protest saw armed militia members demonstrating at the state capitol building. George Chidi thinks these militias are no joke. He says that Georgia has the laws to take them down before things escalate- state district attorneys just have to enforce them. Do you think it’s time to take action?

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