Burgers with Buck visits Cabbagetown's Jen Chan's

Atlanta Burger Week is back with dozens of restaurants around the city offering delicious burgers. Jen Chan's in Cabbagetown is offering a burger with a Korean flair with a bulgogi-marinated patty and kimchi collards.

Burgers with Buck visits Midtown's Amici

Twenty-five years ago, Amici opened up its first restaurant in Madison, Georgia and over the last quarter of a century, they've become well known for their pizza and wings ... and now a delicious burger at their brand new Midtown location.

Burgers with Buck visits Buckhead's Storico Vino

Storico Vino opened in the middle of the Buckhead Village District during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been thriving. Burgers with Buck took a visit to the new Italian-inspired wine bar to try out its trademark burger.