Republicans vie for nod in battleground suburban House seat

Republicans took over Georgia’s 7th Congressional District in 1994, one of a string of GOP victories that swept the party into power in the U.S. House and a Georgian into the speaker’s chair. Now with Republican Rob Woodall stepping down after having tenuously clung to the seat in 2018, the GOP has to decide who best to defend the embattled rampart.

Joe Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nomination

Joe Biden formally clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Friday, setting him up for a bruising challenge to President Donald Trump that will play out against the unprecedented backdrop of a pandemic, economic collapse and civil unrest.

FOX 5 VOTER GUIDE: 2020 Georgia Primary

Voter information and guidance for the 2020 Georgia Primary held Tuesday, June 9, 2020. When to vote, where to vote, how to register, and other useful information for Georgians heading to the polls or voting absentee.

Pentagon-Trump clash breaks open over military and protests

President Donald Trump’s Pentagon chief shot down his idea of using troops to quell protests Wednesday but then reversed course on pulling part of the 82nd Airborne Division off standby in an extraordinary clash between the U.S. military and its commander in chief.

Curfews, pandemic test voters in primaries held amid unrest

Voters navigated curfews and health concerns in a slate of primary contests on Tuesday that tested the nation's ability to host elections amid dueling crises and moved Joe Biden closer to formally clinching the Democratic presidential nomination.

Judge: Justice Dept. reversal in Flynn case 'unusual'

In their brief Monday, Sullivan's lawyers cited what they said were numerous irregularities about the case, noting that “it is unusual for a criminal defendant to claim innocence and move to withdraw his guilty plea after repeatedly swearing under oath that he committed the crime.”