Auto workers' tenuous return a ray of hope in jobs crisis

About 133,000 U.S. workers — just over half of the industry’s workforce before the pandemic — are expected to pour back into auto plants that will open in the coming week, according to estimates by The Associated Press.

If your unemployment debit card hasn't arrived report it lost

Your questions about unemployment benefits keep rolling in. It’s frustrating; we get it. FOX 5's Dana Fowle can’t answer everything, but she's trying to chip away at as many of these as she possibly can without being able to actually see your files. 

Pandemic unemployment assistance is in the mail

Unemployment numbers continue to rise. A Georgia Department of Labor spokeswoman reports they processed last month more than one million claims. That’s more than the combined total for the previous three years. But starting today, some businesses are allowed to re-open. But what does this do to employees still seeking benefits?