'Theft scheme' allegations put pizza managers out in the cold

Plenty of NFL fans will make sure to include pizza on their NFL playoff party menu this weekend. But for one group, it’s likely the last food they want to see. They’re the managers and supervisors who suddenly lost their jobs at a national pizza chain, each told they played a role in "a theft scheme."

3 tax changes to know for 2020

We are continuing our look ahead to the tax filing deadline of April 15th. Let's jot down three tips for making tax time less taxing. 

6 things that deplete your cellphone battery

At some point all of us get frustrated at how quickly our cellphones lose their juice. Your phone buzzes with activity even when it's off, which means, your battery drains and your privacy is being exposed. Let's limit both.

3 ways your tax prep will change

It's time to start thinking about filing your taxes. April 15 will be here before you know it, so let's get up-to-speed on what you should remember about 2019 changes.

Finances for women need special consideration

All of us can tweak, tighten or renew our financial awareness. But a financial planner regularly featured on FOX 5 finds that women, in particular, could use a more pointed message because of these reasons. 

Lawsuit wants Doraville to stop budgeting for ticket revenue

A lawsuit against the city of Doraville asked a federal judge to do something that’s never been done before. Critics of the city want the court to order Doraville to stop budgeting how much money in fines and fees it expects to collect in the upcoming year.

Black Friday v Cyber Monday

Black Friday is usually considered the kick-off event for Christmas gift buying. But then the little sister event came along - Cyber Monday. 

Businessmen claim attorney's ADA lawsuits are a racketeering scheme

Two businessmen have filed a racketeering law suit against an American with Disabilities Act attorney, Craig Ehrlich. They claim Ehrlich's hundreds of ADA lawsuits are a criminal enterprise. Ehrlich's lawyer denied the allegations and said his client's lawsuits are legitimate and proper.