Accused killer Richard Merritt in custody

After an 8-month-long manhunt, on October 1, 2019, U.S. Marshalls arrested accused killer and fugitive Richard Merritt at a thrift store in Nashville, Tennessee. Authorities said Merritt viciously killed his own mother, cut off his ankle bracelet and ran.

Manage the prices at the pump through 2 apps

When tensions between the US and Middle Eastern nations tighten, we naturally entertain the question, 'Will gas prices rise?' Well, a lot goes into the price at the pump, not just a single issue, so let's just be prepared if the numbers go up as we think about holiday travel down the road.

Is anyone really being served by 'Americans Serving Americans?'

If you regularly drive through or walk along the streets of Atlanta, chances are you've been solicited by a group of people wearing red baseball caps.      They call themselves Americans Serving Americans. But some tell the FOX 5 I-Team so far the group has only served up disappointment. And the company now faces a Georgia securities investigation.