$900,000 awarded to some of the 'Cartersville 70'

Dozens of young people who were arrested at a house party in Cartersville have been waiting for justice for 4 years. They were known as the "Cartersville 70". Now almost 50 of them who were part of a lawsuit have won a settlement for $900,000.

Cartersville athlete wins silver medal at Winter Paralympics

In 2016, Garrett Geros was in a car accident that forced medics to amputate his left leg to save his life. During recovery the Cartersville teen rediscovered his love of snowboarding and this week he won a silver medal in the Paralympics.

A visit to Cartersville’s 90-year-old burger joint

4 Way Lunch in Cartersville has been serving up burgers and hot dogs since 1931, but don't bother trying to call ahead to make a reservation. That’s because, after 90 years, there still isn’t a phone.

Police arrest serial car thief suspect

Police said Ladarious Hardy is responsible for several car break-ins since September 2021. Police arrested Hardy on Nov. 23 on 11 counts of entering auto.

Firefighter saves flag as flames creep toward it

A fire destroyed a Bartow County business over the weekend. Everything was burned, except the American flag that was flying out front. That's because a firefighter took it down as flames moved in.