Busted by a home security camera that wouldn’t quit

One might call it the little camera that could. Long after a burglary suspect made off with a Spalding County family’s belongings, their security camera continued to broadcast live pictures of him to the internet. That’s because he had stolen it too, according to deputies.

Mother: Child records video of being bullied at school

A 7th grader recorded a video in class to show his mother that he was being bullied at a Spalding County middle school. The mom then posted her son’s video to social media. Now, the sheriff’s office is conducting a criminal investigation and the school district said action is being taken. 

Cover-up of Sheriff sex scandal?

A sex scandal inside one metro sheriff's department has led to allegations of a cover-up. Former captain David Gibson was indicted for multiple sex charges involving deputies he supervised. This all came to light following an internal affairs investigation, a report that some did not want made public. In it, investigators listed multiple complaints from female deputies. Captain Gibson "exposed his penis" to one deputy, sent "graphic photos" to another deputy, and urged subordinates to have se