Crews remove Confederate monument from Decatur Square

Heavy equipment and construction crews overtook Decatur Square late Thursday evening. The focus was the controversial Confederate monument a DeKalb County judge ordered safely removed and stored to protect both the public and historic obelisk. It took crews about an hour to delicately remove the monument using a crane and forklift.

Decatur daycare under investigation for abuse

The state is investigating abuse at the East Lake Early learning academy in Decatur. The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning says an employee physically abused the same toddler multiple times.

Police, victims warn against firing guns on New Year's Eve

Kaitlyn Kong thought she had been punched hard in the abdomen as she stood among thousands of people in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, as the new year arrived a year ago. Her best friend, standing next to her, thought Kong had been stabbed as blood poured from a wound.