Judge considers challenge to CDC order halting evictions

A federal judge in Atlanta is weighing a challenge to a Trump administration directive that halts the eviction of certain renters through the end of the year in an effort to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

California law prioritizes people over corporate home-buyers

The bill is designed to keep corporations from snapping up homes and letting some fall into disrepair as they did during the Great Recession. The issue drew national attention a year ago when several homeless mothers calling themselves Moms 4 Housing moved into a vacant, corporate-owned house in West Oakland.

Home shopping? Don't give up your hand at the door

Real estate, for the time being, is still booming. In fact, the inventory is low which means folks are trying to outbid one another for homes. Here’s the problem: As soon as you approach the door, the homeowner can listen in on your conversations and they are.