As sports slow down, recruiting heats up

The current sports slowdown ended college football spring practices and that has left college coaches with one thing to focus on. Recruiting. For high profile high school athletes that means non-stop calls.

Georgia company shines with rise of eNASCAR

With the emergence of eNASCAR during the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers are turning to online racing through the platform iRacing. The steering wheel and pedal control setups can vary from driver to driver. Some are very basic, but the Rolls Royce of setups comes from the Marietta based company SimCraft.

Team keeps tradition in a nontraditional time

Team spirit in the face of coronavirus keeps a local soccer club’s birthday tradition going. Parents figured out how to get the girls together from a distance, of course.  

Fan-less games seen as last resort in MLS

While the NBA reportedly has looked into restarting its season at some point with fan-less games, Major League Soccer is not considering that option at this time.

Walkes talks about facing pandemic far from home

Plenty of people around the world are keeping their distance from family members outside their homes during the COVID-19 outbreak. Still, it can be extra challenging when those relatives are an ocean away.