Alarm at Fulton County Elections warehouse sparks investigation

Fulton County officials are concerned after an alarm went off at the Fulton County Elections warehouse over the weekend. The situation has raised a red flag for some critics who already have questions about the validity of last year’s election.

Fulton County commissioner calls jail conditions 'inhumane'

Fulton County’s newly sworn-in sheriff took county commissioners on a tour of the jail facility. Sheriff Patrick Labat wants to rebuild the jail from the ground up to address what is described by some as "inhumane conditions: for employees and inmates.

Fulton County Elections head responds to removal of 2 poll workers

As Fulton County voters and voters across the state head to the polls for early voting, some Fulton County commissioners expressed concern over the director of Registration and Elections move to “terminate” two poll workers who recently testified at state hearings about their experiences as poll workers in the recent 2020 General Election.