Georgia boy makes lemonade stand to help pay for medical bills

Less than a year after his mother died, 11-year-old Teddy was hit by a car while riding his bike in his neighborhood. His family can't afford to pay for his hospital bills, so the Georgia boy is spending his Sundays selling lemonade to raise money.

Spalding County police dispatcher’s Locust Grove home go up in flames

Fire destroyed a family’s Locust Grove home and now efforts are underway to help the couple and their foster children. Taylor Long, a dispatcher with the Spalding County Sheriff's Office, told FOX 5 that her family was asleep when she smelled smoke and burning plastic. She sent her husband Ken to investigate.

Police search for suspect in violent armed robbery in Locust Grove

Concerned residents are circulating surveillance video of a violent armed robbery on social media, as police search for the suspect. A masked gunman struck at the Texaco gas station on Highway 42 in Locust Grove at around one Monday morning, firing his weapon during the robbery.