Good Samaritans helping Georgians still reeling from severe storms

Clean up efforts continue one week after the deadly tornadoes wreaked havoc on communities across Georgia.

To some, the loss of power is more than an inconvenience. It can be life-threatening.

Stephanie Jackson lives in the Indian Creek community of Locust Grove, where many people were left with water and electricity. 

"Me being a critical diabetic, I needed to keep my insulin cold, and we had no way to keep it cold," Jackson said.


Stephanie Jackson was in dire straights when a complete stranger came to give her a generator so she could keep her insulin cold

She was in dire straights when her daughter saw a Henry County couple's Facebook post offering to help storm victims.

"She messaged her on Facebook and the next thing that you know a guy with a generator was pulling up," Jackson said.

That guy was Cory Hise.

"Since we already had an outreach in the community, what we did is we just put out we are taking donations to help those tornado victims," Hise said.

Cory Hise and his wife Bonnie raise money through Facebook to do good deeds throughout Henry County.

Hise and his wife Bonnie began their good works about a year ago, raising money online via Facebook to do things like surprising servers with generous tips.

"We had a flood of people sending money saying ‘How can we help?’ Hise said.

The Hises are also collecting funds for food, clothing and other items for storm victims - doing their part for those in need. 

You can learn more about their work or contribute funds on their group's Facebook page.