Georgia boy makes lemonade stand to help pay for medical bills

There's only so much you can do when life gives you lemons. Eleven-year-old Teddy Counihan of Locust Grove, Georgia has had his fair share.

Last October, his mother died. This year, the day after Mother's Day, he was hit by a car while riding his bike around the neighborhood. 

"The bike was really wedged up under the front of the car, so she hit him really good," said Theodore Counihan, the boy's father. "It's been a chain of events for sure, and I'm very happy he's here with us."

"I'm still a little sore after walking a bit during the day," Teddy said.

A skull fracture, broken tibia, fibula and road rash have kept him off of his bike and in the house this summer. Paying for treatment makes things even more sour. 

"We needed to make up an idea to raise money for the hospital bills," Teddy said.

If you find yourself thirsty and around Locust Grove one of these hot Georgia days, Teddy hopes you consider buying a glass of his lemonade.

Sunday, for the second week in a row, he served up cups of that iconic summer juice and word is spreading fast.

"I saw it pop up on my phone," Joe List said. "I said it's just around the corner, let's go."

Even Locust Grove police stopped by for a glass. Teddy's nasty accident has brought people together. 

The community agrees: He's made something sweet out of something bitter.

If you're unable to drive to Locust Grove for a cup of lemonade, there is an online fundraiser for Teddy's medical bills. You can find that link here.