Storm damage cause school closures in north Georgia

Powerful storms moved through north Georgia on Thursday. The FOX 5 Storm Team has been tracking those storms all day. The storm forced schools in Polk, Heard, and Floyd counties as well as Rome City Schools to close and forced Gordon and Calhoun City School to delay starting their day by two hours.

Police: Woman posing as FBI agent sought free fast food

Police have jailed a woman in Georgia accused of pretending to be an FBI agent to score a free fast-food meal, saying she allegedly threatened to arrest restaurant workers if they didn’t serve her a complimentary bite.

Georgia law enforcement leaders condemn handling of George Floyd arrest

The handling of Floyd's arrest, for reportedly attempting to pass off counterfeit money, has set off a nationwide avalanche of emotion. Even thousands of miles away, in Georgia, law enforcement leaders spoke out in the wake of Floyd's death -- many condemning the four Minneapolis police officers, who have since been fired.