Body found by Polk County police during search for missing woman

A woman's body was found on the side of the road in Polk County on Thursday.   

Morgan Valley Road just outside Rockmart was blocked off for several hours by law enforcement after the discovery of the body that was found in some tall grass and thick brush just off the road. 

"Polk County Police detectives were searching for the roadway on Morgan Valley Road for a missing person when they discovered the remains," said Polk County Police Chief Kiki Evans. 

Detectives had been looking for 61-year-old Denise Goforth who was reported missing Monday.  She was last seen walking along Morgan Valley Monday afternoon. 

"She was known to walk that road to go back and forth to the store," said Chief Evans. 

Although this is the same area where Goforth was last seen, authorities have not confirmed the identity of the body that was found. 

They have also not said how the body ended up in the brush or how long it had been there. 

The body was sent to the GBI crime lab to get those answers. 

Gavin Kinnemore, who lives nearby, says whoever it is, his heart goes out to her family. 

"I pray for the family and everything, it was so sad," said Kinnemore.