Car crashes into southeast Atlanta fast-food restaurant

The franchise owner of a Church’s Chicken in southeast Atlanta doesn’t know the amount of damage caused by a car that crashed into its store on Wednesday morning. The crash sent two people to the hospital.

Truck crashes into Suwanee shopping complex

A truck driver experiencing a medical emergency crashed into a newly built Suwanee shopping complex Monday. The owners of that building said they just moved into it this week.

Police to issue citation for noise, modified mufflers

The number one complaint Atlanta residents make about those street racers is not the reckless driving -- which is serious -- but the noise that impacts many more residents attempting to get rest at night.

You're paying more at the pump, here's why

If you've filled up your tank lately, you may have noticed the price at the pump has gone up. Triple A says the reason for the increase has to do with the COVID-19 vaccine.