Five years later: Remembering Kobe Bryant’s monumental final game

Tuesday marks five years since NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who donned purple and gold for 20 years, played his final game for the Los Angeles Lakers. His 60-point spectacular was one of the greatest performances in NBA history, followed by his "Mamba Out," farewell speech. 

Steph Curry sinks final shot in NBA All-Star Game

Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors superstar, provided a dramatic preview for his seventh All-Star Game appearance when he sank his final 3-pointer to edge Utah’s Mike Conley for the title on Sunday night. Curry also won the 3-point content in 2015.

HBCUs take center stage at NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta

Sunday’s All-Star Game in Atlanta is generating $3 million for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, through donations to scholarship funds. But the actual value to those schools will far exceed that influx of cash, with almost every All-Star element set to showcase and celebrate HBCU traditions and culture.

Dikembe Mutombo's son carrying on basketball legacy

It's one of the most common sights at any youth sports game: a parent on the sidelines, yelling what they think is helpful encouragement at their child while they play. It's a little more rare when that parent is 7 feet tall and a basketball Hall of Famer.