Lamar County landfill leaders cast doubt on FBI investigation. FOX 5 I-Team confirms: It’s true

Leaders of Lamar County's solid waste authority took out a full-page ad in a local newspaper raising doubts about whether an FBI investigation involves them at all. But the FOX 5 I-Team found all signs point to yes, with the FBI confirming the probe involves the authority's controversial waste-to-fuel project. The same ad announced leachate evaporators are finally running, meaning machines inside the long-delayed recycling center aren't all sitting idle anymore.

I-Team confirms: FBI investigating Lamar County’s delayed waste-to-fuel project

Concerned citizens demanded a county investigation into why a waste-to-fuel project at the Lamar County landfill is years past its original completion date, with some public money flowing to the man who promoted the project. Now, they’re getting an investigation, and at a higher level. The FBI has taken up the case, the FOX 5 I-Team confirmed.

County leaders stave off decision on landfill probe, while taxpayers cry foul

Lamar County leaders have rejected demands for an outside investigation into the landfill’s waste-to-fuel project, for now. The vote to table the proposal had some taxpayers lashing out about who was allowed to make the decision – two commissioners who double as members of the landfill authority board.

Allegations of animal cruelty at Georgia horse track

Along a country road in Milner, you'll find Rancho El Centenario. The owner calls it the best bush track in the country. PETA calls it a track fraught with gambling and animal cruelty.

Couple charged in case of Georgia infant with 27 broken bones

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