Atlanta nurse returns from Japan to help in coronavirus fight

Brianna Alvarez was on the trip of a lifetime in Japan. The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta OR nurse and her husband JT Masci were teaching English at a school in Nagoya. They had hoped to stay 18 months. Then, their plans changed as a dangerous new virus surfaced in Asia.

Atlanta pastor shares coronavirus battle

Scott Armstrong rarely gets sick. So, when the 48-year-old Atlanta pastor began to experience fatigue and body aches, he wasn't too worried. Then, the cough set in. Eleven days later, Armstrong says he's finally turning a corner in his battle with COVID-19.

Liver transplant recipient watching coronavirus outbreak carefully

Di'Jon Thomas received a life-saving gift from her little brother Dontae: a piece of his liver. Now, the transplant recipient is trying to do everything she can to protect herself from COVID-19, which can be dangerous for people with compromised immune systems.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus

As countries struggle to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging Americans to start preparing for what is looking more and more like a pandemic. Here are 5 ways to get yourself and your family ready.

Doctor shares do's and don'ts of fasting

Fasting has become a popular technique for weight loss. But, physician Taz Bhatia says to keep your fasts short and make sure you are staying hydrated.

Weight loss saves Georgia woman's life

Gwen Garner-Rouse still can't believe how the decision she agonized over -- whether to undergo bariatric surgery -- would ultimately save her life, but not in the way you would think. She'd been battling her weight for 25 years.