Marine veteran from Newnan overcomes obstacles to lose 70 pounds

It's no stretch to call Marine veteran Zach Hogan's body transformation incredible. 

"Well, I've lost about 70 pounds," said the Coweta County resident. 

He's gone from a peak weight of 250 pounds down to 180 pounds. 

"I had super high blood pressure, like stroke level. And now, my blood pressure is perfect," said the 45-year-old.  

Hogan believes he might be able to get his weight down to the 150s. That would have been during his Marine service, he says. In fact, you have to go back to his service days about 20 years ago to get a full picture of his weight-loss journey. 

He first injured himself in the weight room doing a military press. 

"The guy that was supposed to be spotting me was looking at somebody across the way, and my left arm went back like that and just crunched," revealed Hogan. 

That's when he gradually started gaining weight. 

"When I got out, I just quit exercising and kept eating and drinking," said Hogan. 

Hogan wanted to get back on track.  So, he started working out at the Summit Family YMCA in Newnan.  That's when he had another setback--a car accident on his way to the YMCA. 

"The cop comes over, and he's like, 'Don't try to move. We're getting a helicopter to send you to Grady.' recalls Hogan. "So, when the cop says, we're sending you to Grady from here on a helicopter, you start saying your prayers. You know what I mean?"  

It left him scarred, with brain damage and on disability. Yet, this single dad and sole caretaker of his elderly mother persevered.  

"I realized that, like, I got to be a good example for him because you can tell your children all day long, but they're watching what you do. And I wanted him to see me setting the example," said Hogan. 

Determined to get and stay healthy, he still manages to exercise as often as he can.   

"I've learned that. That I can lose weight and get healthy because at one point it seemed so daunting, like I didn't seem like it was ever going to happen and now I've actually been able to do it."