COVID-19 Vaccines - Opinion

Like it or not, the state can legally require you to be vaccinated against COVID-19. LaDawn Jones says that the presence of an epidemic overrides religious freedom exemptions and allows the Georgia government to make vaccinations mandatory. How do you feel about the government’s power during the pandemic?

Ethics Commission - Opinion

No matter where a candidate sits on the political spectrum, the state ethics commission works to hold them accountable. However, according to William Perry, former State Senator Don Balfour is escaping their punishment by using loopholes in his favor. Do you think it’s time to make politicians face stricter penalties?

More Like It or Not

The times that try men's souls

The Big 10 and Pac 12, two of the five so-called power conferences just canceled their 2020 football seasons (and all fall sports) because of the coronavirus. So far, the SEC, ACC and Big12 are holding steady. But the dominoes are now falling.

KROD: The courage to lead

The night prior to a raiding party, war party or some equally important event, the tribe would gather around the pow wow circle with much chanting and singing. The members would rush out into the center of the ring and together shoot straight into the sky. Then with a show of bravery and courage, they would stand still as the falling shafts came back to earth.



You've heard the old conversation starters --Where were you on 9/11? Where were you when JFK was shot? Those were tragedies. But the question --Where were you when the Miracle on Ice happened, will put a smile on anyone's face! Do you remember?