Abrams-Kemp slugfest promises to be pricey, long and ugly

Georgia voters didn’t get much of a break from election talk on the day after the Tuesday primary in which Republican Gov. Brian Kemp demolished GOP challenger David Perdue and Democrat Stacey Abrams finally clinched a nomination waiting for her after no other members of her party jumped in.

Cityhood voted down in Cobb County

Cityhood was on the ballot in Cobb County. The areas of East Cobb, Lost Mountain and Vinings were vying for cityhood. All 3 were voted down.

Carolyn Bourdeaux says she's proud of campaign

Carolyn Bourdeaux talked about this being her 6th campaign and how every one of them has had a different feel. She said this one against Lucy McBath came down to a grassroots campaign versus big money. She called it challenging.