Gov. Kemp 'comfortable' allowing public health emergency to expire

In an exclusive television interview just hours before the scheduled expiration of Georgia's Public Health State of Emergency, Gov. Brian Kemp said he was ‘comfortable’ with the decision.

"I feel very comfortable making this move," Gov. Kemp explained.

The governor issued an Executive Order on March 14, 2020, declaring the state's first-ever public health emergency because of the coronavirus pandemic. The governor has extended the state of emergency each month since then, but his office announced last week that it would be allowed to expire at midnight Thursday. 

"Our cases are down 92%.  Hospitalizations remain below 500 at one point they were all-around 5,000. So, we have a lot of bandwidth out there," said Gov. Kemp. "So we don't need the Public Health State of Emergency anymore."

The emergency declaration, ratified by the state legislature, gave the governor broad powers to respond to the virus.  

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Gov. Kemp said he would issue a new Executive Order this week to aid in the state's recovery.  Those orders were posted to the governor's website late Wednesday.

"We'll continue to be able to do everything we need to do to be able to do vaccine rollout, continue to do contact tracing, you know, all the public health measures to keep people safe, to move us further away from the pandemic," said Gov Kemp.  "But it'll also be really focused on livelihoods and how we respond and help with long-term economy recovery in our state that I believe will be generational." 

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