Covington mayor asks BD plant to cease operations after independent tests for EtO

Big developments involving the industrial plant in Covington releasing a known carcinogen into the air. After independent testing of Ethylene Oxide, ETO, the city of Covington has asked the BD plant to temporarily cease operations until additional safeguards are in place. But representatives with the BD plant insist it is safe, even providing an expert toxicologist to back up their claim.

Lego starts recycling program for unwanted bricks

Danish toymaker Lego is testing a new way for customers to return their unwanted bricks in an effort to move closer to its goal of switching to 100 percent sustainable materials in the next decade.

Reports of mold being found in Georgia State University dorms

Reports of mold and mildew have forced dozens of students from dorm rooms at Georgia State University. Student newspaper “The Signal” published photos from several students, appearing to show mold or mildew buildup in sleeping quarters, bathrooms and closets.