Thursday morning weather forecast

Metro Atlanta is down into the upper 40s and mainly low 50s this morning. It's setting up for a gorgeous fall afternoon of low to mid-70s, a pleasant breeze, and a cloud-free sky.

Wednesday Evening Weather Update

Welcome to Fall, its a officially here tonight and it will feel like it. Lows by morning the coolest since last May. Here is the breakdown.

Wednesday morning weather forecast

These last few hours of summer this morning are cloudy, muggy, and warm. But a cold front will increase showers and storms across north Georgia later this morning and into the afternoon.

Tuesday Evening Weather Update

Our last night of summer will feel like it with warm and muggy condtions and a few isolated showers thru the night. Lows in the upper 60s to low 70s will give way to a cold front tomorrow that will usher in drier and cooler air. Here is the latest.

Tuesday morning weather forecast

It's drizzly, cloudy, and wet again today. Rainfall totals won't rival yesterday's, but scattered rain will pass through at times. A cold front will bring a final round of rain and storms tomorrow.

Monday morning weather forecast

There'll be more waves of rain today that will hold temperatures into the 70s. Rain is a bit more scattered Tuesday and Wednesday, but Wednesday brings the final round of rain and possible storms as a cold front passes through.

Friday Evening Weather Update

Tropical air remains this weekend with scattered showers, but plenty of dry hours.too. Here is the latest and when some Fall like temps will return.

Friday morning forecast

Friday's skies are cloudy, but there isn't much in the way of rain. Rain chances do get a boost over the weekend, as tropical moisture remains in place over the Southeast.

Thursday Evening Weather Update

Plenty of tropical moisture covers North Georgia and that means, clouds, periods of showers and milder temps. Still looks soggy thru the weekend. Here is your latest weather outlook.

Thursday morning weather forecast

It's misty, showery conditions this morning, but more persistent rain remains in the forecast through the afternoon. We'll probably see a few heavier downpours mixed in later today in a few areas, but most areas will still not measure much more rain than they did yesterday.