Portia: Sons of Mystro

Portia sits down with two brothers who play violin. Their musical talents have taken them from NBA arenas, to appearing on Showtime at the Apollo. Later, Sons of Mystro head to the performance area to play a reggae and hip-hop-inspired song!

Portia: Boss Lady Moves #5: Dreka Gates

Entrepreneur Dreka Gates can really juggle it all! She’s a mother of two, wife to Grammy-nominated rapper Kevin Gates, and an owner of a slew of successful businesses. In this ''Boss Lady Moves'' episode, we’re going inside the world of Dreka Gates and how she made an astonishing career in the music industry and wellness space.

Portia: Handle Your Business #4: Neil Nelson

Neil Nelson built a $100 million media and tech company debt free. With a degree in math and engineering, Neil explains how he turned his numbers background into a profitable media empire. Zack Towner is also a media entrepreneur and says he is looking for advice in growing his platform.

Portia: Why We Vote!

Loretta Green voted for the first time in 1960, and she hasn’t missed an election since! The voting trailblazer and her daughter Dana Roberts open up about the importance of voting. Graduate student Joshua Young, Social justice advocate Coy Malone, and Political science professor Fred Parham also come to the table to discuss the significance of going to the polls.

Portia: Legacies: Isabel Sanford & The Jones Girls

Isabel Sanford was known as ''Weezy'' on the sitcom ''The Jeffersons.'' Her youngest son, Sanford K. Sanford, joins Portia at the table to discuss intimate stories of his life and the legacy of his mother. But that’s not all! Shirley Jones is the sister of the R&B sensation ''The Jones Girls.'' She comes to the conversation and performs!

Portia: Divorce Proof Your Marriage

Margo and Antonio Taylor are relationship coaches and the founders of ''The Love Rekindled Couples Retreat.'' The dynamic duo coach couples through communication, intimacy, and finance issues. Financial advisor Dr. Nicole Garner Scott explains the secrets to balancing marriage and money, and we hear from a married couple who needed a little spark in their relationship.

Portia: Soul Mates, Soul Ties & Twin Flames

Today we’re diving into different relationship dynamics. Spiritual life coach Tisha Morrison uses a holistic approach to help women heal from unhealthy relationships. In an eye-opener conversation, Portia sits down with two different sets of soul mates and a domestic abuse survivor to discuss true love and how to heal from toxic relationships.

Portia: Black Love #2: The Tomlinsons

Portia has an open conversation about life's timing when it comes to love. Portia sits down with Dr. Cindy Trimm-Tomlinson who said ''I Do'' for the first time at age 60. Her husband, Russell Tomlinson, also opens up about his journey in finding love after becoming a widower.

Portia: Young, Gifted & Black: The College Edition

High school senior Madison Crowell has amassed more than 11 million dollars in scholarships and has received over 180 college offers. Madison and her parents join Portia at the table to discuss the road to a debt free degree. Scholarship expert NiaKesha Woodley also joins the conversation and breaks down why securing scholarships should start sooner than we think.

Portia: We Love Country

We’re celebrating the heart of country music with the rising stars of the band Chapel Hart. The small-town girls from Mississippi join Portia at the table to discuss their journey as black country artists, their show stopping performance on ''America’s Got Talent,'' and the rewards to being independent artists.

Portia: Boss Lady Moves #4: Sharlinda & Sabrina

Twin sisters, Sharlinda Parker and Sabrina Rowe, built their beauty empire one manicure and pedicure at a time. Queen Latifah, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Tyler Perry are just a few celebrities to have their nails done by them. The dynamic duo opens up about their successful enterprise, the struggles of running a business, and their upcoming business ventures.

Portia: Beating the Odds with The Parsons

Portia talks to a couple who went from a life surrounded by hustling and drug dealing, to selling homes for high profile clients like T.I., and Yung Joc. Not only are they sharing how they beat the odds, but also the work they’re doing to encourage young people from living the life they once did.

Portia: Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a disease with no cure, affecting more than 190 million women worldwide. Portia has an open conversation with OBGYN Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter, and two brave endometriosis warriors. Together they demystify a disease affecting so many.

Portia: Leveling Up: Keeyah Johnson

Keeyah Johnson is the road manager to Grammy-award winning singer Usher Raymond. Her talents have taken her to the Super Bowl, concert residencies, and now on a U.S. tour! In our ''Level Up'' series, Keeyah shares the importance of starting from the bottom and working your way to the top.

Portia: Bronner Bros. Legacy

Bronner Brothers has been making headway in the beauty industry since the 1940’s. The company hosts the largest multicultural beauty show in the world. Portia sits down with some pioneers who have contributed to making the show what it is today. It wouldn’t be a Bronner Brothers celebration without high fashion couture, and artistic hairstyles.

Portia: The Real Life of Influencers

You can’t turn on social media without seeing a content creator showing off the hottest fashions, the must have beauty items, and the best restaurants to try in your city! But does being an influencer really pay the big bucks? Alyssa Marie built a beauty empire as a social media influencer. Cimani Robbins is growing her lifestyle brand. HR expert Coach Sejal Brownlee breaks down how these social media skills can lead to a corporate position.

Portia: New Year, New Tax Laws

It’s tax time! Maybe you purchased a new home, started a business, or your family is doing your taxes. Either way, tax expert Octavia Conner breaks down the new tax laws and how the laws can bring extra money to our pockets. Two entrepreneurs also come to the table and admit that they can use some advice about their businesses taxes.

Portia: Let's Skate

We’re talking all about the benefits to roller skating. Skating instructor Kamille Gilmore performed on the Super Bowl stage with R&B sensation Usher Raymond. Over the years, she has taught several celebrities the art of skating. Maurika Flores is a retired army sergeant who found skating to be physically and mentally therapeutic. The dynamic duo team up with Portia to show off their skating moves!

Portia: A Conversation with T.C. Carson

Portia has an intimate conversation with Emmy Award-winning actor, dancer, and singer T.C. Carson. He’s best known for his role as Kyle Barker on the 90’s sitcom ''Living Single.'' Not only is he sharing stories about life, career, and staying power, but also singing ''Warm Is The Rain'' from his ''Truth'' album.