Like It or Not: Truth-Telling Museum

The state of Georgia has earmarked $11 million dollars for the construction of a “truth-telling museum” at Stone Mountain Park, says LaDawn Blackett. She believes it’s time for the new museum to finally address the Civil War period fully and fairly. Do you think it’s time for the “truth-telling museum” to educate the truth of the civil war era rather than to praise the era of the confederation? Let us know whether you like it, or Not!

Like It or Not: School Attendance Zones

OPINION: The quality of a child’s education should not depend on where their parents live, how much money they make, or the color of their skin, says LaDawn Jones. She believes it's time to reexamine the Equal Opportunities Act and consider new ideas that will make public education attendance zones fairer. Do you think it's time to rethink the way we determine public school attendance zones? Let us know whether you like It or Not!

Like It or Not: Cop City

(OPINION): The proposed Atlanta Public Safety Training Center is no one's private business, says George Chidi. He believes that the city of Atlanta no longer possesses control over its policing because Cop City is owned by a private non-profit corporation. Do you think it's time to crack down on private organizations who are accountable to no one except their corporate funders? Let us know whether you Like It, or Not!

Like It or Not: The Great Reconsideration

The Great Reconsideration (OPINION): America is addicted to low wages, says LaDawn Jones. And she thinks it’s not that people don’t want to work, but that they are not interested in working for high school allowance wages. Do you think it’s time to raise the minimum wage?

Like It or Not: Prosecute the Prosecutors

PROSECUTE THE PROSECUTORS (OPINION): Four of Georgia’s 49 District Attorneys were under state or federal investigation during the last election cycle. Jessica Szilagyi says state prosecutors like this are costing innocent men their freedom- often without any real repercussions. Do you think it’s time we hold them accountable?

Like It or Not: Bullets vs Ballots

BULLETS VS. BALLOTS (OPINION): With a GOP filibuster expected to block federal voting legislation in the Senate today, LaDawn Jones thinks it’s time we talk about laws here in Georgia. She says it’s easier to buy a gun in Georgia than it is to vote- and that recent voting laws may target people of color. Do you think both constitutional rights should be treated equally?

Like It or Not: Street Racing

STREET RACING (OPINION): City law enforcement has recently cracked down on street racing, but George Chidi says that Atlanta’s crime problem goes much deeper. After 3 innocent civilian deaths during high-speed chases, he says it’s time police acknowledge the other issues- notably, gang violence. What do you think?

Like It or Not: Staying Virtual

STAYING VIRTUAL (OPINION): The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global changes. Despite worldwide devastation, LaDawn Jones thinks that some shifts in day-to-day life have been for the better. She says we should keep masks for servers, encourage further hygiene practices, and continue working remotely- but do you want to stay virtual?

Like It or Not: Tax Dollars

WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR TAX DOLLARS? (OPINION): The city of Stonecrest recently published the results of an audit that indicated alleged suspicious use of federal tax dollars by employees at City Hall. The report showed the city of Stonecrest spent thousands on seminars, goody bags, and massages- but George Chidi thinks money meant for COVID relief may have ended up in the pockets of corrupt officials. Do you agree?

Like It or Not: Hit and Run

OPINION: On the night of September 11, 2019, State Representative Trey Kelley received a phone call from a friend who had hit a cyclist with his car and kept going. 90 minutes later, that bike rider died. William Perry thinks that Kelley should resign from office and face felony charges- but do you think justice has been served?

Like It or Not: Militias

OPINION: At least nine Georgians have been arrested for storming the capitol, and a recent protest saw armed militia members demonstrating at the state capitol building. George Chidi thinks these militias are no joke. He says that Georgia has the laws to take them down before things escalate- state district attorneys just have to enforce them. Do you think it’s time to take action?

Like It or Not: Doxing

OPINION: Congress is considering a Bill to protect government officials from doxing- a type of cyberbullying where opponents dig up personal information and spread it on the internet. Jessica Szilagyi says that although Doxing can be dangerous, this legislation would be unfair to the rest of us. She thinks the answer is common decency, not censorship. Do you agree?

Like It or Not: COVID-19 Vaccines

OPINION: Like it or not, the state can legally require you to be vaccinated against COVID-19. LaDawn Jones says that the presence of an epidemic overrides religious freedom exemptions and allows the Georgia government to make vaccinations mandatory. How do you feel about the government’s power during the pandemic?

Like It or Not: Ethics Commission

OPINION: No matter where a candidate sits on the political spectrum, the state ethics commission works to hold them accountable. However, according to William Perry, former State Senator Don Balfour is escaping their punishment by using loopholes in his favor. Do you think it’s time to make politicians face stricter penalties?