Like It or Not: Public Art

We are fortunate in the City of Atlanta to have many areas where public art is proudly displayed. The question I’m asking today is: How much we as taxpayers should pay for it?

Like It or Not: School Lunch

Almost everybody who went to public school has a horror story about eating in the school cafeteria. But let’s face it: good food is essential to good health, and it’s essential to success at school.

Like It or Not: MARTA & I-85

Opinion piece by Lyle V. Harris When a section of I-85 melted right before our very eyes, plenty of people said it was, “like a scene out of a movie.”

Like It or Not: Homelessness

The kind of help that the people at this shelter need is not something that can be done by offering a sandwich in a drive by, and then taking a selfie for your Instagram page. Handing out sandwiches or pastries from the back of your car will make you feel good about yourself, as you drive away without commitment, but it actually causes more harm than help.