UGA's graduation goes virtual after being canceled due to COVID-19

A canceled graduation will not stop the University of Georgia students from celebrating their accomplishments.

Nick Miller, a senior, and Ivan Campbell, a junior, got creative after UGA announced the cancellation of its graduation ceremony and found the solution in the form of a virtual graduation.

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The pair organized a team of about 30 other students to design a Minecraft version of the football stadium and the school’s student center.

“That’s where you graduate at our school, so it’s kind of important for that to be there and obviously we can’t be at the real Sanford Stadium right now. So we figured why not just recreate it and we can just have a little taste of that in our Minecraft,” Campbell said.

They’ve made a lot of progress in just two weeks.

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“Our thought process kind of was just ‘Well, we’re gonna have graduation one way or another, whether it be in real life or virtual,'" Miller said.

They plan to have everything finished by late April and host the virtual graduation on the original date of May 8.

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