Katie Janness murder: Here's what we know 2 years after Piedmont Park stabbing

Two years after Katherine Janness and her partner's dog Bowie were found brutally stabbed to death near one of the entrances to Piedmont Park, their killer or killers remain on the loose.

"Just the fact that there's nothing that has been known and everybody talks about it, but nobody knows anything about it, it's scary," park-goer Olivia Miller told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes. 

"We are asking the community, you may not have even been in the park that night, but if you saw or heard anything that seems suspicious or just off please notify us, "APD Lt. Germaine Dearlove told reporters Friday.


A bench now sits in the dog park where Janness and Bowie used to spend their free time - a reminder that the mystery behind their deaths remains.

The crimes shocked Atlanta, leading residents concerned for their safety in one of the city's biggest parks and renewed calls for more security. 

To date, the Atlanta Police Department has not made any arrests, announced any persons of interest or stated a possible motive related to the crime. 

FOX 5 spoke with Emma's father Joe Clark by phone. 

"It does baffle us that you know how could someone do such a horrible crime and then there be nothing," he said.

Clark said the past two years have been difficult with no break in the case.

"I mean it's a busy park you know, and it's just always baffled me that the only picture that we see of Katie is in the rainbow crosswalk and she's found several blocks away," Clark said."  "I mean just how can no one have any type of contact? I mean Atlanta is even busy at midnight."

Here's what we know about Katie Janness, Bowie and their murder investigation (WARNING: Details of this case are disturbing and discretion is advised):

Katherine Janness was found murdered in Piedmont Park on July 28. She was seen walking her dog near the park prior to her death.

Katherine Janness was found murdered in Piedmont Park on July 28. She was seen walking her dog near the park prior to her death.

When and where in Piedmont Park did the murder happen?

Officers went to the entrance of Piedmont Park at 10th Street and Charles Allen Drive around 1 a.m. on July 28, 2021, after receiving a call from Janness' partner Emma Clark.

Clark allegedly tracked them with her iPhone and found both Janness and the 3-year-old dog dead near the entrance to the park.

A relative said Janness was taking Bowie for a quick walk but never came back after dinner. The couple lived up the street from the park and had been together for years. 


Police released an image of Janness and Bowie using a crosswalk near the park shortly before the murder. 

Atlanta Police shared a photo taken from a Midtown security camera before Katherine Janness' murder. (Atlanta Police Department)

Atlanta Police shared a photo taken from a Midtown security camera before Katherine Janness' murder. (Atlanta Police Department)

Clark spoke with FOX 5 and said she remembers her partner as an "incredible dog mom, a bartender, and an advocate for social justice."

At the last anniversary vigil, Janness' former partner, Kate Hahn, talked about the devastating impact the murder has had on her loved ones.

"It’s been awful. It’s been hell. It’s been, how do you find closure, you know, when there’s none to be found ever," Hahn said.

Piedmont Park security cameras inactive

City officials said there were cameras in Piedmont Park that night, but those cameras were inactive because of outdated technology. 

The cameras were not removed because their presence was deemed valuable. 

Investigators tried to determine if there was any information to extract from the cameras, but no images or video have been made public.

Katie Janness and her dog Bowie were brutally stabbed to death inside Piedmont Park on July 28, 2021. (Courtesy of the family)

Katherine Janness' autopsy

Katherine Janness suffered more than 50 stab wounds to her face, neck and torso the night in July she was murdered in Piedmont Park, according to an autopsy report.

The autopsy showed Katie Janness died due to "sharp force injuries of her face, neck, and torso" that caused injuries to major blood vessels and internal organs. At least 15 of those wounds were to her head.

The report revealed the letters "F", "A", and "T" were carved into her torso. The report described significant mutilation to her upper torso.

Janness also suffered blunt force injuries that damaged major blood vessels and internal organs, the medical examiner found.

Her death was ruled a homicide.

A former investigator said evidence in the autopsy may suggest a "familiarity" and "high emotions."

Bowie's necropsy 

A retired investigator said some valuable evidence could have been gathered from Bowie's corpse.

APD ordered an examination looking for potential DNA that may have ended up on or in the mouth of Bowie.

So far, police have not released information on the necropsy.

No suspect or motive in Piedmont Park murder

The murder still remains unsolved and police have released few details.

In January 2022, then-APD Deputy Police Chief Charles Hampton Jr. said investigators were receiving regular tips, following up on leads and meeting regularly with the FBI.

"We are getting close in, my opinion," Hampton Jr. said. 

Since then, officials have remained relatively quiet about the investigation other than asking anyone who may have information to call them.