Gaddys' Christmas miracle: Family donates to NICU babies after fire, community support

Almost a year after a fire badly damaged a longtime Christmas display in Fayette County, the family is making a special donation to help babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Piedmont Fayette Hospital. The money comes from the thousands of people who donated to keep the holiday tradition alive after the fire destroyed many of the displays last year. 

"The donations that don’t have a specific designation from people, we’ve decided this is a great place to put it," said Gwen Gaddy. 

The Gaddys are known for their Christmas light display at their farm for the past 36 years. More recently, a fire destroyed many of their displays in storage last August. People from all over the country donated money and supplies so that the Gaddy light tradition could continue. With the leftover donations, the Gaddys are contributing to a special cause. 

A crib for the NICU, as well as blankets and mobiles for the babies and families here. The Gaddys have their own NICU story with granddaughter Taylor. 

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The Gaddy family has donated to a Fayette County NICU as part of their annual Christmas light display tradition, bouncing back after a fire a year ago.  (FOX 5)

"We spent 11 weeks here, and it’s not always a fun experience," Gwen said. "So, it feels good to come back here and spend time with some families who are going through some pretty scary times." 


"Some of these babies are with us for quite a long time, up to five to six months. And they outgrow their cribs. So, it’s nice to have bigger beds that have storage for the toys and their clothes," said Lori Adams of Piedmont Fayette Hospital. 

So, for all the people who donated to this Christmas tradition after the fire, your generosity has landed in a special place.