Fulton County DA Fani Willis talks about threats at South Fulton PD event

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis thanked the police officers of South Fulton for protecting her during the South Fulton Police Department's first "State of the Police" address on Monday night.

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Willis initiated an investigation into former President Donald Trump and many of his associates and supporters following the 2020 presidential election for possible election interference. In August 2023, Trump and 18 of his supporters were indicted by a grand jury in Fulton County.

Willis has stated that she has been threatened numerous times since beginning the investigation into Trump.

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Willis began her speech on Monday night by talking about how the City of South Fulton is "very special" to her and expressed her deep appreciation for its police chief, Chief Keith Meadows.

Willis also discussed the gang problem in South Fulton and how she and the chief have worked together to rid the city of gangs.

The district attorney then became emotional as she talked about how the South Fulton Police Department has kept her safe over the last two years.

"The last couple of years have been really hard for me, but what’s kept me safe is this police department, so that’s why it’s an honor to stand among my heroes," Willis said.


Willis also responded to accusations that she fabricated the threats.

"I’ve read some reports that I’m making up these threats, which is ridiculous when I’ve been able to show people hundreds of threats," said Willis.

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Willis described one incident that occurred on Christmas Eve. According to the district attorney, the chief called her and asked her what was going on. He informed her that her house had been doxed—meaning someone claimed that a woman had been killed inside.

"I cannot tell you the level of terror I had thinking that my 26-year-old child was dead and not knowing what had happened," Willis said.

Willis also specifically mentioned K9 handler Sgt. Kirk Markham, saying that he was always professional and never disrespectful to her father who was staying with her for part of the time in recent years.

Sgt. Kirk Markham (far right)

"And he listened when my father told him, 'I'm a little bit concerned. There's a man up the street who's been watching the house, and I think it's strange.'"

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Willis also told Chief Meadows, "I am so thankful and I am extremely grateful for the courage that this police department has. It does not surprise me that it is not your office or this organization that we see in a lot of the police cases that are questioned. Very rarely is there a complaint about this police department."


Although Willis is not currently staying in her South Fulton home, she says she will not sell it and she will return just as soon as she can. She lived in South Fulton for 18 years before the trouble began.