Family says they were not notified of court appearance of suspect in son's murder

The family of a teen slain in a double murder in southwest Atlanta are thankful and disappointed about an arrest in the high-profile case.

Justin Powell's family says they will never get over his murder in an apartment complex parking lot just days before Christmas. Police say 14-year-old Malik Grover was also killed.

"Time can never heal me. Never that was my baby. Justin was my all, my everything," his mother said with tears in her eyes.

Atlanta police say the teens were killed during a shootout in the parking lot of the Retreat at Greenbriar Apartments on December 17.


Justin Powell

Justin Powell (Family photo)

Each member of the family described a gnawing pain.

"The reality of it is, Justin is not coming back, and that's our reality. We have to learn how to live without Justin and that's a hard pill to swallow," his aunt Meisha Jones revealed.

"This is something I pray constantly about. I don't think I can get over this," Justin's father Erik Hinton said.

Investigators say the shootout was the result of a social media dispute.

Montavious Ferguson

Montavious Ferguson (Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

Police say the accused shooter, 19-year-old Montavious Ferguson, turned himself in on Friday and had a court appearance Saturday. The family says they were not notified.

"For me not to know, even know nothing about it, nothing. I wanted to be there. Yes, wherever he got to be, I want to be right there," Justin's mother Natosha Hinton said with regret.

"I'm highly disappointed. I'm highly disappointed," father Erik Hinton explained.

The family wants to see more arrests. They say they will not stop until they get justice for Justin, who according to the family was initially just shot in the leg.

"This wasn't Justin's beef. After the shootout, another guy was carrying Justin around his arm. He shot that guy as well. Then, that guy dropped Justin, and he just continued shooting Justin. It was senseless," Mr. Hinton concluded.

"I'm getting justice for Justin. I got to. The death penalty ain't good enough for me," his mother said with determination.

This story has been updated to correct the age of the suspect