Elleven45 Lounge: Owners claims efforts to shut down club are racially targeted

The owners of a Buckhead lounge that was the site of a mass shooting on Mother's Day are addressing safety concerns.

In a post on Instagram, the owners of Elleven 45 Lounge say their business' doors remain closed while they work to "review and enhance our security protocols."

The owners say that the new security measures will include a digital age verification process and the installation of 33-zone metal detectors.

"This deeply painful moment for our community was isolated and does not reflect the operational practices or safety record of our establishment," the statement reads.

The owners also claim that their lounge has been racially targeted with efforts to shut down the business happening because their customers "deviate from the Buckhead community's norms."

The company continues to work with the Atlanta Police Department in their investigation into the shooting.

Elleven 45 Lounge under investigation after deadly shooting

The City of Atlanta has filed motions to have the lounge shut down after the shooting.

"The office of the city solicitor Raines Carter has opened an investigation into their licensing and into some of the incidents that have taken place since they’ve been in operation," said Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond.

New documents filed by the Superior Court of Georgia showed the City was seeking a Temporary Restraining Order against Elleven45 Lounge, its manager and property owners.

Bond said a pending investigation could result in the establishment losing its licenses, and even some potential jail time, if the manager and owners are found to be negligent and criminally liable.

Five days after the shooting, the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management cut the business' water off, saying that services were discontinued due to an outstanding bill of $78,364.47.

A spokesperson for the department did not clarify how long the bill had gone unpaid but said the water could potentially be turned back on if the bill were paid in full with certified funds.

The spokesperson said the water being cut was unrelated to the ongoing investigation.

Volleyball player killed in Buckhead nightclub shooting

Six people were shot on May 12. Two of those six people died, including a 21-year-old Albany State volleyball player named Mari Creighton and 20-year-old Nykris Ridley.

Four other people between the ages of 20 and 30 were injured and rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Police said a fight inside led to the gunfire.

The gunmen still have not been identified.