Atlanta shootings prompt city leaders to propose changes to liquor licenses for bars, clubs

City of Atlanta leaders are looking to make some changes following the recent shootings outside of nightclubs and bars. 

"There are a few, for some reason, who continue to make the news, continuously to make police reports, and we have to begin to deal with those accordingly," said District 3 Councilman Byron Amos. 

Just in the last week, police have investigated at least five shootings that happened inside or outside these nightlife businesses. 

One of them was inside Pregame Bar and Grill, which is in Councilman Amos' district. 

One person was killed, and three others hurt. 

"It was simply a breakdown of security to allow a weapon inside the establishment," he said. 

Amos wants to propose requiring businesses to provide a detailed security plan when they apply for liquor licenses. 

Right now, he says applicants are only asked one question ‘will you have security?’ 

He said that's just not enough. 

"It will talk about how many security officers you'll have inside, but not only that. How many you'll have outside as well. It will force the licensees to develop a true security plan," Amos said. 

He said the businesses along Martin Luther King Jr Drive are looking to take extra measures as well, by hiring security guards to keep an eye on the area. 

In addition, Councilman Dustin Hillis is asking police and the City Solicitor's Office to take action in his district. 

He's calling on them to investigate the Blue Flame in southwest Atlanta, following a deadly shooting last Wednesday. 

"People in Atlanta should be able to go out, enjoy themselves, and have a reasonable expectation of going home safely," Amos said. 

Amos adds city leaders need to work to address the staffing shortage at APD and the issues of repeat offenders who are released, only to commit more crimes.