South Fulton police suspend businesses liquor licenses in response to violent crime

South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows said his department took emergency action on Friday, suspending Burn Lounge nightclub's liquor license following a shooting, physical altercation, and several minor infractions at the establishment.

"We have suspended their liquor license pending a hearing with the mayor and council. They will have the opportunity to appeal that decision," the chief said.

The nightclub on Roosevelt Highway Is the second nightclub in the city of South Fulton barred from serving alcohol this year.

City officials took similar action against Club South Beach on Old National Highway in February.

Chief Meadows said his department suspended the business's liquor licenses following multiple incidents of aggravated assault and shootings at both establishments within the last five months.

Meadows said, "Right now we are in the process of making sure we set a standard for the businesses in the city of South Fulton and hold a lot of these owners and management accountable for those standards."

Both businesses can still operate, but they can't serve alcohol during the appeals process.

Shonica Crocker owns Burn Lounge. She said no criminal activity occurred within her establishment, and said she has tried to work with police and city leaders to address their concerns.

"This is a safe social gathering spot and it's been that way for seven years," said Crocker. "We've had several meetings. We've talked. I've even talked to Chief Meadows, so it's just unfortunate the way they are handling the situation off of isolated things that are happening at Burn Lounge."

 City leaders said management had ample opportunity to comply.

"Our primary goal is, and will always be, to manage our crime rate and to reduce crime," said Meadows. "If we have to hold many of these businesses responsible for policing their parking lots and inside their doors, then we are prepared to do that."

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