Father, daughter killed over car deal at South Fulton apartments, police say

South Fulton Police have opened an investigation into the shooting and killing of a father and his daughter at an apartment complex over the weekend. Family members told FOX 5 this was not the first violent encounter they experienced while living there.

On Sunday morning, South Fulton Police responded to a shooting at the Freedom Park Apartments on Delano Road.

South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows told FOX 5 it happened when two men were arguing over a vehicle that a man was purchasing for his daughter. 

Family members have identified the victims as Stanley and Heather Neely.

"It's our baby brother. A lot of fun, and he loved people," Nancy Neely Gibson said. "Whoever did it will pay for it will pay for it dearly."

Right now, police don't have a suspect in custody.

The family said this apartment complex is known for violence. Just last month, 30-year-old Dave Prater was found dead at the complex after investigators say he got into a fight.

"We had another family member that was shot a couple of years ago. Multiple people have lost their lives out here. So, we want these apartments to be shut down for lack of providing security and a safe environment for other people and their children," Shaunya Johnson said.

Councilwoman Helen Willis represents the district where the complex sits. She said crime in that area has gone down significantly in recent years.

She also sent FOX 5 Atlanta a statement. Here is an excerpt: 

In response to this tragedy, the City of South Fulton Police Department is committed to taking proactive measures for community safety and will strategically install monitored surveillance systems within the area, increasing patrols and visibility.

Our goal is to ensure that every member of the community feels safe and secure in their homes and neighborhoods, as we remain dedicated to fostering a secure environment, providing the support needed for the City of South Fulton."

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Freedom Park Apartments on Delano Road in South Fulton on June 23, 2024.

"Between ourselves, we need to know how to come together," Gibson said. " … what people want to do is bring chaos to the world. That's not right."

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was updated to correct misinformation that was provided to FOX 5 Atlanta. The father and daughter were selling the vehicle and were reportedly shot by someone who said they wanted to buy it.