Russia-Ukraine conflict: Georgia woman turns to social media to help fight invasion

A metro Atlanta woman from Ukraine is trying to raise awareness for the war in her home country.

She’s launched several Facebook pages she hopes will help the people fighting for survival.

"It just feels like it’s a horrible dream and I will wake up and everything is going to be normal," Olga Westfall said.


Westfall said her hands are tied as fighting rages in her home country.

"My relatives and friends are saying that they alarms all the time, they have to run to the bunkers," Westfall said. "People are saying goodbye, saying we are dying slowly."

She even got chilling phone call from a friend.

"He basically called to say goodbye. He said this huge column is on the way and only God can help us," she said.

So, the Decatur residents from Eastern Ukraine did the only thing she could think she could to help. She set up several Facebook pages for the Ukrainian Community of Atlanta urging people to donate to the Ukrainian National Bank which has opened a special fundraising account to support the armed forces there.

"I’m raising awareness and we do encourage people to donate to national bank of Ukraine," she said. "We let people know when the next rally is going to be fundraising for humanitarian organization in Ukraine that we know."

Westfall said she is deeply religious and is praying for the people of Ukraine as well.

"I want to do all I can by praying, bringing awareness," she said. "At least I can encourage them, tell them that I prayed, click my like, say something nice. It shows they are not alone in this."

Some member are talking about attending the St. Patrick Day Parade in Atlanta on Saturday wearing traditional Ukrainian dress and/or wearing blue and yellow. They also are discussing a rally at Piedmont Park possibly on March 19.