Cobb County police warn of reckless use of pellet guns after recent attacks

It’s a strong warning from Cobb County police after a disturbing trend involving pellet guns.

Investigators said teens are shooting the guns from cars injuring random people and police said they are taking these cases seriously.

"If they do that here in Cobb County, they are going to be arrested, they are going to be charged, and they are going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Sgt. Wayne Delk said.

It’s a serious matter for Cobb police.

"This hasn’t just been something in Cobb County. It’s a trend and we are aware of it. There have been cases in other agencies," Delk said. 


Teenagers are riding around shooting innocent people with pellet or BB guns. Delk said several teens have recently been injured in Cobb County.

"Not only is it dangerous for those perpetuating and getting charges but a lot of the pellet guns look like real guns. If you’re committing this and someone responds with deadly force they may think you’re shooting at them," Delk said. 

Just last week, a Marietta man shared his story with FOX 5’s Rob DiRienzo after teens blasted him with the tiny but painful pellets.

Peachtree City police took to social media in March and showed a child with bruises on his face. Investigators believe he was assaulted by a group of teens riding by.

Similar incidents happened in Gwinnett County as well.

One man told FOX 5’s Brian Hill he was hit and thought he was going to die.

"We are asking not only teenagers to be aware but parents to talk to kids. You may see a trend on social media that looks fun but how dangerous is it," Delk said. 

Delk said while some trends online seem hilarious to some, no one will laugh as they are taken to jail.

If you know anything about those behind the crimes come forward to Cobb County police.