‘Well, I'm dead': Man recalls being shot in neck with pellet gun while driving

Gwinnett County Police are looking for whoever opened fire on multiple drivers using a pellet gun.

One of those pellets hit a driver in the neck barely missing his passenger.

Sean Blair said he was driving down Kilgore Road t with his girlfriend in the passenger seat. The windows were rolled down.

Out of nowhere, Blair said a pellet came through the passenger side window - narrowly missing his girlfriend.

"My initial thought was ‘Well I'm dead' because of the location where it hit me. I reached my hand up, and it was just covered in blood." 

Police said Blair was shot near the intersection of Kilgore and Cross Road in Buford.

The 30-year-old told us he and his girlfriend were driving home from the gym on January 2.

"It flew in the passenger side window where Kristen was sitting on the passenger side and narrowly missed her face. She felt the bullet as it went by, heard it as it went by," he detailed. 

Thankfully his girlfriend is a nurse who immediately jumped into action to save his life.

"She went straight into nurse mode and grabbed a wad of paper towels and immediately applied pressure and started rendering aid immediately. So that was a huge Godsend," he said.

According to Gwinnett investigators, Blair wasn’t the only person the shooter terrorized that Sunday.

Police said they got several calls from victims reporting they'd been shot at along Kilgore Road.

Investigators said damage to all of their cars is consistent with pellet rounds.

"I don’t understand why you would think this is a smart decision. Frustrated is another emotion I guess I feel. I just want this person to be found and held responsible," Blair told FOX 5's Brian Hill. 

He said the pellet could remain in his neck.

"It's approximately an inch and a half deep in my neck. It's behind my carotid artery and my internal jugular vessel and right in the midst of a whole lot of nerves." 

Because of January 2's careless act, he may now suffer from long-term side effects.

"We're having to take precautions to try and safeguard against stroke. I have to take aspirin for the next six months," he explained. 

Anyone with information about this shooting along Kilgore Road should contact the Gwinnett County Police Department or Crime Stoppers.