Gov. Brian Kemp addressing Atlanta crime spike with special operation

Governor Brian Kemp plans to fight rising crime in metro Atlanta through a multi-agency crackdown.

The state’s top leader went up with the Georgia State Patrol in a helicopter to monitor from above on Friday.

"People are frustrated and people want to see something done about it and that’s what we are doing," Governor Brian Kemp said. 

It’s a multi-agency plan where state and local agencies are working together.

"Having boots on the ground and a presence makes a difference in law enforcement," Kemp said. 

It’s no secret that the crime across metro Atlanta has been on the rise for the past few months.

Kemp aims to combat all crime from street racing to violent acts.

The crackdown started last month and in the short time, the operation has been underway Kemp believes he’s seen progress.

"There have been a lot of arrests. A lot of cars towed and taken down a lot of people. We’ve had a lot of chases which is dangerous work," Kemp said. 

Georgia State Patrol Major Kendrick Lowe said his men are working to make their presence known.

"It’s high visibility. We have troopers out there making an effort making traffic stops and in doing so it will reduce that crime," Lowe said during a press briefing Friday. 

"People need to know that are creating these acts and creating this violence we are going to go after them unlike the case over the last year. We are going to continue to do this," Kemp said.

Kemp didn’t want to say how long the operation will last. 

As for the city of Atlanta, Kemp said he was excited to learn of Interim Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant being appointed for a permanent position.

Kemp said he has not spoken with Mayor Bottoms since she announced she will not seek re-election.

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