Jamarion Robinson death: Officers plead not guilty to murder, other charges

Two law enforcement officers pleaded not guilty in state court Tuesday to murder charges in the shooting death of Jamarion Robinson

U.S. Marshall Eric Heinze and Clayton County Police officer Kristopher Hutchens appeared on court Tuesday for a virtual arraignment and plea hearing. 

A medical examiner's report says Jamarion Robinson was shot 59 times, leaving 76 wounds after law enforcement officers fired in his girlfriend’s East Point apartment . That task force included officers from various police departments and the U.S. Marshals Office serving a warrant for his arrest.

Police said they obtained the warrant after the Tuskegee University student allegedly fired at an Atlanta police officer during a prior encounter days earlier. The task force was attempting to serve the warrant on the afternoon of Aug. 5, 2016, at the Parkside at Camp Creek off Washington Road. At least a dozen well-armed law enforcement officials in body armor were caught on camera by a bystander going into the apartments after Robinson refused to come out, followed by the sounds of gunshots.

After five years, Heinze and Hutchens were both indicted by a grand jury on felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, making false statements, and violation of oath by a public officer in October 2021. Both officers pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The case had been delayed being brought before a grand jury a couple of times, with the latest being due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville set a Sept. 12 trial date

Speaking on Tuesday, Jamarion Robinson's mother Monteria Robinson said that "all eyes are on Georgia at the moment" and her family's "expectation and outcome is a conviction."

Monteria Robinson has been demanding justice since the day of the incident, saying that her son suffered from schizophrenia and insisting the officers were not trained to execute search warrants for people with psychiatric conditions.

Ms. Robinson and her family believe other officers on the scene should be held accountable too.

"They were aware that my son suffered from a mental illness. So we want all of those that were present that day charged as well, well no matter what, no matter what part they played. Somebody handcuffed him, somebody dragged him down the stairs," she said. 

Protesters gathered at Liberty Plaza in Downtown Atlanta to call for justice in the death of Jamarion Robinson on April 1, 2021. (FOX 5)

Attorneys for the two officers filed a request to move the case to federal court. Court records indicate they would likely seek immunity if that is done.

That request has not yet been ruled on.