Group building 'safe haven' for Black families acquires more than 400 acres of land

The organization that purchased a plot of land near Toomsboro, Georgia to create a community in which African Americans prosper just acquired even more land.

The group hosted a celebratory gala that bid 2020 adieu and looks forward to establishing a new city.

The initiative secured 100 acres to build "Freedom, Georgia," months ago. Organizers say they just acquired 404 more acres and they encourage black businesses and entrepreneurs to start 2021 by getting involved.

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Right now, the city is just a plot of land, but the 19 families who purchased that plot and are now building the community from the ground up, say they’re inching closer to an equitable city every day.

"We know land and homeownership creates generational wealth," Realtor Ashley Scott, who helps spearhead the movement says the newly acquired area near will be equipped with black farmers, vendors, and business owners, but embraces all people.

"It has nothing to do with segregation it has to do with being conscious enough to know that we have to solve our problems with economic development," Scott said.

A group of three dozen people came together after the death of Ahmaud Arbery to create a community in which they feel people of color can thrive.

"I think it was an eye-opener for a lot of families that allows others to say, 'how can I make a difference and be the change I want to see,'" she said.

Future city leaders say the intimate New Year’s gala with masks and socially distanced tables acknowledges the pain and prosperity of 2020.

"It's been an amazing year filled with a lot of struggle, a lot of challenges and deaths through the pandemic and police injustice, so tonight we’re leaving 2020 behind and going into the new year with celebration and jubilee for what we were able to accomplish despite all the challenges we face throughout 2020," Scott said.

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Freedom Georgia Initiative leaders say they have a plan to have the city established and expanding in 18 to 24 months. For those interested in becoming involved or learning more, go to

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