Nearly 100 acres purchased in Georgia, hopes to create 'safe haven' for black families

Over a dozen African-American families joined forces to purchase over 90 acres of land, with the goal of creating a 'safe haven' in Georgia. 

Approximately 97 acres of land was purchase near Toomsboro, Georgia by the Freedom Georgia Initiative, TMZ reported. 

The land is about 130 miles southeast of Atlanta.

According to the Initiative's Instagram page, the area is now being referred to as "Freedom, Georgia". 

The initiative's founders, Renee Walters and Ashley Scott hope to eventually turn the area into its own official city. 

Walters and Scott told TMZ they decided to start the initiative because they wanted a safe place to raise their families without fear of police brutality or other forms of oppression embedded into society.

On September 2, the initiative's official Instagram wrote, "Freedom ga initiative land... just a few days before the land will be filled with tents, campers, family, djs, parties, performances, workshops an so much more."

According to the Freedom Georgia Initiative official website, the organization was founded in an effort to create a safe place for African-American families.

"The Freedom Georgia Initiative was established out of an extreme sense of urgency to create a thriving safe haven for black families in the midst of racial trauma, a global pandemic, and economic instabilities across the United States of America brought on by COVID-19. Calls are being made for police reform while cries for justice and reparations ring out on the streets. Communities are working together to feed food insecure families, provide masks, and direct payments to families in need. We wanted to do our part to do what we can to create safe spaces for black faces and their allies. Out of our desire to create generational wealth for our families, we wanted to provide a place for restoration, recreation, and reformation for your families during this time." 

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