Georgia senator, Trump co-defendant due in Fulton County court

Georgia Sen. Shawn Still, the only current elected official indicted alongside former President Donald Trump for interfering in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, is due in court today.

Still, who represents Georgia State Senate District 48 (portions of north Fulton, south Forsyth, and northwest Gwinnett County), was not in office during the 2020 election. He was the finance chairman for the state Republican Party at the time and one of 16 Georgia Republicans who declared themselves the state's "duly elected and qualified electors" and signed a certificate stating Trump had won the state in the election.

Georgia state Sen. Shawn Stills

Georgia state Sen. Shawn Stills (Supplied)

Still was indicted on one felony count of violation of the state's RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act, one felony count of impersonating a public officer, two felony counts of forgery in the first degree, two felony counts of false statements and writings, and one felony count of criminal attempt to commit filing false documents.


Gov. Kemp appointed a panel after Still was indicted to determine if he should be removed from office while the case is pending. The panel, which consisted of Attorney General Chris Carr, Republican state Majority Leader Steve Gooch, and Republican state House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration, declined to recommend removal.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee scheduled the hearing on May 29 to consider the General Demurrer to Counts 8 (Impersonating a Public Officer), 10 (Forgery in the First Degree), 12 (False Statements & Writings), 14 (Criminal Attempt to Commit Filing False Documents), 16 (Forgery in the First Degree), and 18 (False Statements & Writings).

A general demurrer in Georgia is a pleading that challenges the legality or validity of an indictment. It can be raised at any time before a verdict is reached, even before or during a trial.


Trump and his 18 co-defendants were indicted on Aug. 14, 2023, for violating Georgia's RICO Act and other charges related to the 2020 election results in Georgia. The grand jury indictment was issued following a 2-1/2 year investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and a recommendation for indictment by a special grand jury earlier in the year.

Four of the original 19 defendants have reached plea deals with Fulton County. They include Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, Jenna Ellis, and Scott Hall.