Georgia’s lawmakers are headed back to work on Monday, here’s what to expect

It’s back to work for Georgia’s lawmakers.

On Monday, the Georgia General Assembly is expected to start a new 40-day session, and things will look very different.

"There’s a lot of new faces--a lot of new leadership in the House and the Senate," State Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch said.

Newly-elected Lt. Gov. Burt Jones will now lead the State Senate.

In the House, there was a big vacancy left by Speaker David Ralston, who died suddenly this past November.

"I think we’re all experiencing and feeling the absence of Speaker Ralston, certainly in the House," said Democratic State Rep. Sam Park, who represents the 110th district.

The speaker’s role will be filled by Rep. Jon Burns.

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"He’s going to do a great job and everybody respects him greatly, the democrats and republicans both," Majority Leader Gooch said. "I hope we’ll have a good team over at the House and the Senate and we can all work together."

Meanwhile, one of the biggest issues on their plate is money.

The state has an extra $6 billion dollars, and some lawmakers want to give some of that back to you.

There’s also talk about a new crime bill, changes to election laws, and tougher restrictions on abortion access.

On Sunday night, lawmakers and lobbyists reunited a block away from the Capitol at the Wild Hog Supper, a fundraiser for Feeding Georgia’s food banks.

"This is our tailgate party for those of us who aren’t going out west," Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told FOX 5’s Rob DiRienzo.

The first day back in session is expected to be a short one to give Georgia Bulldogs fans under the dome a chance to get to the big game.

"It’s always a big honor to have an opportunity to be a voice for the people of Georgia," said Rep. Park. "To earn the trust of thousands of folks who call Gwinnett home, where I’m from."

When Governor Kemp gets back from L.A., his inauguration for his second term is set for Thursday.