Georgia gas prices keep rising one week after state fuel tax reinstatement

Gas prices continue to rise across the U.S. and in Georgia about one week after the state's gas tax was reinstated. 

Georgia's average price per gallon of $3.06 is still 24 less than the national average, but its 24 cents more than last month. Gas costs 5 cents less than January 2022. 

"Gas prices continue to rise across the U.S., but for the past 10 months Georgians were paying under $3.00 a gallon for gas due to suspension of the state’s gas tax," AAA spokeswoman Montrae Waiters said. "Now that the gas tax has been reinstated, pump prices have increased. Unfortunately, we can’t predict how high gas prices will rise, however we are 24 cents less than the national average which sits at $3.30."

Brunswick, Savannah and Valdosta are three of the most expensive markets for gas, with prices averaging about $3.14 per gallon. The average in Atlanta is $3.05.

The cheapest markets for gas are in Catoosa, Dade or Walker counties, Warner Robins and Rome.

Prices hit a 15-month low in December before the holidays and the reinstatement of the gas tax. 

Gov. Brian Kemp had broad bipartisan support in March when he signed a law suspending the fuel tax through May 31 amid soaring prices at gas pumps and grocery stores. He ordered multiple extensions of the tax break.